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Besides relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow to injured tissues, a good massage can help decrease stress, and tension, reduce blood pressure and assist the body in producing hormones that stimulate happiness and positive feelings.  


If you are dealing with chronic pain, sports injuries, or general stress, we will get you on the road to healing and wellness.

With Reiki You Will Discover:

  • Elevated mood

  • Reduced pain 

  • Physical body healing

  • A compliment to medical treatments and other therapies

  • Reduced anxiety and fatigue

  • Better sleep

  • Spiritual growth and emotional cleansing

  • Enhanced quality of Life

Customer Reviews

"Recommended by my chiropractor! Mei was truly amazing, I have shoulder and neck pain from sleeping wrong, and she was able to work the areas that really helped me relax the troublesome muscles and release a lot of tension. I scheduled another visit before I left! I've had a lot of massages and Mei is excellent! Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business." 

"Absolutely the best massage I have received. I was in a car accident recently and Mei has an “a-mei-zing” way of knowing exactly where the pain is and how to treat it. I cannot recommend them enough."

"Mei is a great massage therapist! I have strained muscles on my neck, back or arm several times the past few years. She has her professional way to cure the issues. She knows some traditional Chinese massage medical techniques, which helps a lot to treat special issues. Definitely recommend her and her clinic to people who need professional massage treatments. Price is good too."

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